No Original Thought –
Mountains Channel

Since my university days I’ve been making videos in the mountains. I was lucky to have a bunch of friends at the time that were happy to throw themselves down and off things while I pointed a camera at them, and since then I’m rarely without a camera when up there.

The No Original Thought Mountains Channel is my YouTube channel that brings together some of the old and new mountain related video content that I’ve created over the years.

From the 40 minute feature ‘White Lives‘ (sadly with the title music removed due to copyright restrictions :-() to FPV shorts and even 360degree VR content.

There are a few direct video links below, or you can visit the channel itself for easy access to everything.

40 minute ski and snowboard feature
4K/UHD FPV with telemetry
4K/UHD Ice Diving

Launched: 2017