The Daft Stuff

What follows are links to some of the various daft pages I have created over the years.

Some is just plain silly and useless… in fact that’s the whole point of these pages, if that can be considered a point at all.

All I ask is that you don’t take offence at anything. None was intended in creating these pages.

Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

Have you ever noticed how chinese restaurant names the world over have some similarities? I did, and so the Chinese Restaurant Name Generator was born.

You may be suprised by just how many of these names really exist – even some of the more bizarre ones… click the search icon next to your generated name to search Google for a restaurant of that name.

Shakespearian Insult Generator

Stuck for an insult? Let the Shakespearian Insult Generator help you out.

Based on a shakespearian insult kit I found on the internet years and years ago (and which I have since been unable to find in order to give due credit), this page is endless fun for fans of the bards turn of phrase.


For a while a certain fruit based tech maker had cool, fresh ads everywhere. Their latest ‘shiny thing’ was a must have, whatever it was…

GonMad wasn’t quite convinced, and my churlish sense of humour produced a couple of little items that you can find here.